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If you want to prevent this from happening using Microsoft Word (other word processors have similar procedures), you can pull down the Paste Special command from the Edit menu and select Unformatted Text.
To attach the selected object to another object, click on the appropriate item on the edit menu, and then select the attachment point: the previously selected object does not move, but the offset is recomputed from the newly attached object or attachment point.
Find the folder containing the files you want to move, select one or more files and choose Cut from the Edit menu (Ctrl+X).
To put my own notes in, I open the e-mail and from the Edit menu choose the Edit Message option.
Go to the Edit menu and click on Paste Special and select the Values radio button and click on OK.
To select all the files and folders in a window, click Select All in the Edit menu or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl.
The Edit menu, for instance, contains items whose names do not fully suggest their usefulness.
What would lead somebody who knows nothing about computers to go to the Edit menu looking for Cut and Paste to move an object from one window to the next?
Select the whole text (you can do this by choosing Select All from the Edit menu, or you can hold down Ctrl and press the letter A).