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Click in cell D5 and go to the Edit menu and choose Paste Special.
The Edit menu allows the user to toggle between editing the mean camber as a cubic NURBS curve or as a circular arc.
opens, it presents a file and edit menu typical of Windows applications, an icon toolbar, and its basic document appears as a fully formatted form rather than a spreadsheet.
Now make the long exposure active by clicking on it and from the Edit menu click Paste.
Unfortunately, there is instead a large-scale confusion of the entire Edit menu concept because of the invention of a separate tool called the Mass Mover.
The Paste Special option from the Edit menu is used to paste values only, as opposed to the formulas.
A CHOOSE Preferences from the Edit menu in Communicator, and click the plus symbol beside the word Advanced on the left side of the dialog that appears.
Once this window is closed you can click on the Paste entry in the Edit menu to move the second image from the clipboard to the mosaic canvas.
With Sonic DVD Producer, creative professionals can graphically edit program chains, links and seamless branches as well as edit menu buttons and highlight areas.
He needs to enter a formula only once for a column and use the Fill Down command from the Edit menu.
An option available from the View menu on Windows & the Edit menu on the Mac allowing users to edit which services are on which ports (i.
Nearly every Windows program provides the cut, copy and paste options in the Edit menu selection.