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Especially interesting are fifteen or twenty first editions of Hawthorne's books inscribed to Mr.
Grusczinsky, beaming paternally whenever Annette entered the shop--which was often--announced two new editions in a week.
This was typed from a 1907 edition published by Cassell and Company, Limited.
The Poems of Two Friends' became instantly and lastingly unknown to fame; the West waited, as it always does, to hear what the East should say; the East said nothing, and two-thirds of the small edition of five hundred came back upon the publisher's hands.
Even the earlier editions were able to supply the man's name, and I am afraid that there is no doubt about his identity.
There was a desk for his secretary, now vacant, and beyond, in the shadows of the apartment, winged bookcases which held a collection of editions de luxe, first editions, and a great collection of German and Russian literature, admittedly unique.
In a deep leather chair, his feet resting in another deep leather chair, at the Indoor Yacht Club, Harry Del Mar yielded to the somniferous digestion of lunch, which was for him breakfast as well, and glanced through the first of the early editions of the afternoon papers.
Presidents of great railway systems bought whole editions of it to give to their employees.
There are several copies of various editions in the National Library of Ardis.
We know that Caxton printed at least one hundred and two editions of books.
Of modern editions, the following may be noticed: --