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Editorial acceptances and cheques were all the amelioratives I needed.
The novel idea of including resident members on our editorial board was discussed in three previous editorials.
Why not have plenty of opinion material signed by individuals and do away with editorials entirely?
In all this time, I have in frustration canceled my subscription several times because the editorials and letters were so far to the right.
PM editorials have reminded us repeatedly that Jesus lived with taxpayers and prostitutes, "the two groups most despised by the religious establishment.
In Graham's case, the bents were reflected in the Post's editorials.
The Selected Writings of James Weldon Johnson, Volume I: The New York Age Editorials (1914-1923).
That's what editorials are," Bartley told a newly hired Jude Wanniski in 1972, according to Sidney Blumenthal in The Rise of the Counter-Establishment.
Every newspaper reporter knows nobody reads the editorials.
Early editorials made mention of a group of editors working on the magazine, but none other than Mottelay and Pearson appeared on the masthead or anywhere else in the magazine.
He has penned some of the most powerful and insightful editorials that have run on our pages.