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About 800 Americans 18 and older were polled at random on various education issues in August.
Secretary of Education Rod Paige on higher education issues.
My educational journey began at Euclid Avenue Elementary School and took me across the country to Princeton University,'' Huizar said, adding that he hopes to use the job as a way to address urban education issues.
Her involvement and influence on national education issues has benefited the state education system.
Bush, Republican candidate for Texas Land Commissioner, told a crowd at the Texas Legislative Conference in New Braunfels on Friday that he's interested in education issues, in cutting regulations and taxes, and in helping the 1.
There was a reason, she said, her organization stayed away from endorsing incumbents this cycle: Many of them, even those who are generally considered advocates on public education issues like Eissler, voted for the budget cuts.
The conference features finding long-term solutions for the toughest special education issues.
Wick will be speaking on education issues facing Cleveland at the oldest continuous free speech forum in the country, the City Club of Cleveland.
Part of the Contemporary Education Issues series, this book highlights the history of pre-K-12 curriculum development in the U.
McKeon, who chairs a House Education Committee panel overseeing higher education issues and is angling to become the chairman of the full committee next year, raised funds largely from vocational schools and other educational groups.
The North Carolina Association of Educators and the State Board of Education are co-sponsors of the 2000 School Bell Awards, recognizing excellence in coverage of education issues by the media in North Carolina.

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