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Dr Riad Abdul Latif Al Muhaidib, Vice-President of Zayed University, also commented positively on the scholarship, "The grant programme gave our graduates the opportunity to pursue their higher education studies and develop their talents and enabled them to excel in a number of fields.
One of the components of the campaign launched by the Education Ministry and which is due to last till August 22, is that each official in the government visits the school in which he followed his primary education studies, to identify deficiencies and needs and participate in the efforts of maintenance and upgrading.
Education studies tutor Catherine McPartland said: "Louise worked incredibly hard for along time and rose to every challenge that presented itself along the way, so it's wonderful to see her achieve her goal.
The Postsecondary Education Study Committee first met June 27 in Pierre and will gather at least two more times, studying such matters as how to make it easier for students to turn technical education studies into bachelor's degrees, and how valuable research investment is to economic development.
Edward Griffiths, Associate Dean of Post-Qualifying and Postgraduate at the School of Health, Community and Education Studies, said: "We are absolutely delighted to have won this prestigious national award.
Dubai based carrier Emirates on Tuesday announced that institution for higher education studies in Aviation Studies Emirates Aviation College has graduated its largest ever class.
While the new centre is being built - subject to approval - general education studies will be housed in temporary accommodation and then brought into the main college building.
Recently completing the BRB and University of Birmingham dancers' degree programme, he will graduate in December 2011 as a Master of Philosophy in Education Studies (Dance).
The Kuwaiti official said 42 seats will be available for those who wish to study in the college of medicine, while the other 130 seats for higher education studies.
Six year-seven students made the trip as part of their religious education studies.
Proposed by Director John Easton and submitted for public comment this summer, these new priorities are intended to make education studies more relevant to educators and help practitioners become more involved in developing and using research.
He is currently working towards a PHD in Education Studies focusing on developing methods for engaging the hard to reach children.

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