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Referring to educational issues, he noted that approximately 20 teachers from Greek schools in the US visit Cyprus every summer and attend a seminar, organised in cooperation with the University of Cyprus and the education ministry on how to teach the Greek language, Greek culture and Orthodoxy.
We are excited by the magic of what will happen when we assemble the experiences of all the people who work hard on these educational issues.
The letter, seeking the moral high ground, states that: "To use such inflammatory language is unbecoming of serious debate and does no justice to the complex educational issues facing this city".
The YAB is led by youth project workers Laura Wright and Neil Burke, and is made up of about 30 people aged 14-19, who come together to have a say about educational issues affecting them.
He has been very active in educational issues through the Manatee Education Foundation and his work in the Legislature.
The BICF was set up in 1993 to represent and support Irish emigrants in Birmingham by helping themdeal with economic, social, cultural, health and educational issues.
Compiled by 'Education Week' and published by Jossey-Bass, "The Obama Education Plan: An Education Week Guide" will prove an indispensable aid to understanding what the Obama administration seeks to accomplish as it lays out 'The Obama-Biden Plan', offers insightful perspectives on key educational issues on the national and state levels, incorporates illustrative stories of innovative practices, includes sage advice from education leaders (some of whom are sources for the Obama Administration's education policy reforms), and features sage commentary on the issues relevant to educational reforms, accountability, resource enhancements, and goal setting.
Through the events in the forum, AAAI seeks to broaden its scope beyond research results presented in the technical program to also address educational issues in AI, which are critical to the future of the field.
The John Swett Award is the highest honor that the CTA bestows upon journalists in recognition of outstanding coverage of educational issues in kindergarten through 12th-grade schools, community colleges, and state universities.
Bottom line: Learning communities provide teacher-librarians the opportunity to lead or participate in serious educational issues at the building level.
Beth Antunez, assistant director in educational issues at AFT, adds that a national program seems to lack parameters or restrictions.

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