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Orsted's orders from EEW OSB have been steadily increasing over the last two years
We could sec that the curve of EEW had a little increase tend with the lignin added amount increasing, at the same time the maximum addition of lignin was 25 wt%.
The close cooperation between Delcam and EEW was largely responsible for the successful completion of the project.
The EEW values of the EP-SDOH hybrid resins are listed in Table 1 and the difference in EEW values could also explain the reaction between oxirane group and Si-OH.
Karl Klos-Hein, managing director EEW SPC said: "The UK is a world leader in offshore wind technology with the North-east and the Tees Valley in particular, having great capacity in this area both in terms of knowledge and manufacturing potential.
The deal is undisclosed, although Bladt and EEW SPC anticipate investment of between PS25m to PS35m, including the acquisition and development of facilities.
is a joint venture set up by German company EEW SPC and Danish firm Bladt Industries A/S, Under the agreement, monopile foundations for the wind farm will be fabricated at EEW SPC's facility in Rostock, Germany, while the transition pieces will be produced on Teesside and in Aalborg, Denmark at Bladt Industries' facility.
The purpose of the EEW would be to obtain objects, documents and data from another Member State with a view to using them as evidence in a criminal prosecution.
Danish firm Bladt Industries and German-based EEW Special Pipe Constructions have signed a deal to set up joint venture Offshore Structures (Britain) at the former TAG Energy site in Haverton Hill.
There he worked on a major refurbishment of the Royal Opera House in London's Covent Garden before joining Durham electrical services firm EEW & Co.