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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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Century was founded by Versant in 2018 and later that year formed a strategic partnership with FCDI, a subsidiary of Fujifilm Corporation, to develop iPSC-derived immune effector cells for cancer.
In the present study, we addressed the immunotoxic potential of the herbicide PRN on the effector cells of cell-mediated immunity, CTLs.
A direct cytolytic effect of Treg is due to a granzyme B-dependent, perforin-independent mechanism [104] which allows them to eliminate target effector cells.
Fibrosis is mediated by different signaling pathways composed of cellular constituents, including inflammatory cells, epithelial cells, and fibrogenic effector cells, and is a general condition leading to organ injury and failure.[sup][3] Although the cellular and molecular processes underlying fibrosis have been illustrated, the strategies and targets for the treatment of fibrosis are still unsatisfactory.[sup][3] Epigenetic modification, including miRNA posttranscriptional modification, is capable of controlling the fibrotic process by regulating fibroblast activity, thereby providing a novel therapeutic target for the treatment of fibrosis.[sup][3],[71]
2008 180:6382) or transduce human Fc receptor and a luciferase reporter gene that allows modeling of the NFAT response elements of the IL-2 promoter to model PBMC derived ADCC (based upon the potency of antibody Fc effector function in ADCC pathway activation in effector cells, mAbs 2012 4:p310).
Several distinct properties of the IgE repertoire determine effector cell degranulation in response to allergen challenge.
The hostile microenvironment composed of immunosuppressive cells (MDSC, Treg, macrophage, etc.) and molecules (TGF-[beta], PD-L1, PD-L2, etc.) is one of the most important factors that limit the therapeutic efficacy of CAR-modified immune effector cells against solid tumors [26].
An Effector Cell Line Carrying an ADCC Responsive Reporter Gene.
It is not clear which transmembrane domain is optimal for CAR based therapies and testing distinct versions of this domain in the context of a specific target antigen and various effector cell population may be necessary.
As this activation is unlikely to be mediated by enavatuzumab through mouse TweakR on the immune cells, the function of enavatuzumab on mouse immune effector cells is likely through Fc-Fc[gamma]R ligation; such "bridging" between the Fc[gamma]R on immune cells and TweakR on the tumor target cells, as suggested in the PBMC-tumor cell co-culture studies, is probably required for triggering effector cell activation in vivo.
The second exploits the recruitment and enhancement of immune effector cells to directly kill cancer initiating cells that persist in solid tumors and can cause relapse and metastasis.