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EFFECTS. This word used simpliciter is equivalent to property or, worldly substance, and may carry the whole personal estate, when used in a will. 5 Madd. Ch. Rep. 72; Cowp. 299; 15 Ves. 507; 6 Madd. Ch. R. 119. But when it is preceded and connected with words of a narrower import, and the bequest is not residuary, it will be confined to species of property ejusdem generis with those previously described. 13 Ves. 39; 15 Ves. 826; Roper on Leg. 210.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Q5: Are there adverse side effects for the drugs recommended for PEP?
Possible side effects: Fever, soreness where shot is given, irritability.
Most common side effects: mild to moderate injection-site reactions (itching, pain, swelling)
704(b) and the regulations thereunder, allocations of a partnership's items of income, gain, loss, deduction or credit provided for in a partnership agreement will be respected if the allocations have substantial economic effect. Allocations that fail to have substantial economic effect will be reallocated according to the partners' interests in the partnership (as defined in Regs.
The argument for including camps is made stronger through the identification of the positive effect as being applicable across the broad age range of from six to twenty-two years old.
A York connection got him into the effects shop for Paramount's Friday the 13th: The Series and he soon was cosupervising the effects on another U.S.
According to Akandere (2000), this negative effect of motivation and stress on sportsmen shows parallellism with the study of M.C.
Other toxic agents have unexpectedly beneficial effects. X-rays and gamma radiation are well-recognized carcinogens.
One problem with in viva animal studies is the difficulty of teasing out the indirect effects mediated by mother-fetus or mother--neonate interactions, as opposed to the direct effects of chlorpyrifos on the developing brain.
The immediate effect after 6 of the 7 interventions was at least 0.5 SDs; 5 of these 7 immediate effects were statistically significant (Figure part A).
However, because the tests did not include multiple repetitions, they may not have addressed the cumulative effect of using the "test water" in the same batch of sand over many temper-dry-temper cycles or the effects over time in an actual green sand system versus a laboratory setting.
For entertainment, all things are driven by creative requirements conceived by writers, directors, producers, visual effects supervisors and artists.