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EIRE, or EYRE, English law. A journey. Justices in eyre, were itinerant judges, who were sent once in seven years with a general commission in divers counties, to hear and determine such causes as were called pleas of the crown. Vide Justices in eyre.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Some of the academy's recent judicial practices in fact bear a striking resemblance to those of the Spanish Inquisition, a tribunal to which Eire devotes careful attention.
Eire's two books weigh heavily in the balance between truth and delusion in this crucially important matter, on the side of truth in historical memory.
"Eternity" elicits very different kinds of treatment from historians than it would from philosophers, theologians, or cosmologists, though historian Eire draws effortlessly on what philosophers and theologians have said, and relates space and time sufficiently to give confidence that he knows something of the bearing of cosmology on his subject.
Eire is equally comfortable discussing early Christianity or modern physics.
Eire: Godwin, Carey, Aherne, Walsh W, Martin, Moroney, Corr, Farrell, Walsh D, Desmond, O'Connor.
A spokesperson for the bookseller said that Barnes & Noble.com were honoured to have Eire participate in the event, reports Business Wire.
That said, what is most glaringly missing from this book is an introduction that places these many inspiring "small pictures" of heroism and sacrifice into the context of the times, particularly why the Eire government remained neutral and actively suppressed or censored news of Nazi atrocities when many of their citizens were fighting to end the evil that had engulfed Europe.
Call 0901 563 8288 with your answer (or 1550 923 826 in Eire) and state your preference for DVD or video.
There are 26 Levi's stores around the UK and Eire - to find your nearest one, call 01604 599 752 (or 00 44 1604 599 752 from the Republic of Ireland) or log onto their website at www.levi.com.
Two pubs in the city have imported cask-conditioned beers from the Czech Republic, Germany and Eire for a four-day beer festival.