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EIRE, or EYRE, English law. A journey. Justices in eyre, were itinerant judges, who were sent once in seven years with a general commission in divers counties, to hear and determine such causes as were called pleas of the crown. Vide Justices in eyre.

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Eire sees the Inquisition as only one manifestation of the wider urge of Reformation governments and elites to impose ideological discipline on the sinful, wayward masses who refused to cooperate with their righteous superiors.
Eire presents a cast of tree-characters--large trees lining an avenue in Miami that transform themselves into guardian angels; dreamed-of "Christmas trees" that magically front his new home in Bloomington, Illinois; artist-trees that produce leaves in autumn that are masterpieces of colorful complexity.
Augustine is quite legitimately seen as a decisive reflector on time-and-eternity, and Eire uses him to frame much of what follows in the millennium of Christendom, "Eternity Conceived.
Out of necessity Eire summarizes philosophers' beliefs rather than providing great detail.
com were honoured to have Eire participate in the event, reports Business Wire.
That said, what is most glaringly missing from this book is an introduction that places these many inspiring "small pictures" of heroism and sacrifice into the context of the times, particularly why the Eire government remained neutral and actively suppressed or censored news of Nazi atrocities when many of their citizens were fighting to end the evil that had engulfed Europe.
If the race was a nightmare for odds-on layers, it was a dream for amateur Nicki Wilson, as she rode her own Native Eire to win on her first-ever ride over jumps.
Triunfo entonces el Fianna Fail (nacionalista de derecha), encabezado por Bartholemew Ahern, quien debia convertirse para el 26 de junio en el nuevo Taoiseach (o primer ministro) de Eire.
Markets which have become particularly popular over the last 10 years are Portugal, Eire and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
If the EU closes the border, by misdirecting its powers, then Eire can choose to reopen it, simply by leaving the EU also.
THURLES SARSFIELDS won their third Tipperary title in four years as they edged out Nenagh Eire Og in Thurles yesterday.