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ECCLESIA. In classical Greek this word signifies any assembly, and in this sense it is used in Acts xix. 39. But ordinarily, in the New Testament, the word denotes a Christian assembly, and is rendered into English by the word church. It occurs thrice only in, the Gospels, viz. in Matt. xvi. 18, and xviii. 17; but very frequently in the other parts of the New Testament, beginning with Acts ii. 47. In Acts xix. 37, the word churches, in the common English version, seems to be improperly used to denote heathen temples. Figuratively, the word church is employed to signify the building set apart for the Christian assemblies; but the word eclesia is not used in the New Testament in that sense.

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The use of ekklesia terminology within the first-century Jesus Movement displays both continuity and discontinuity with earlier Greek and Jewish sources, says Korner.
Further changes were: expunging usage of human beings as guarantees for debts; appeals to jury courts; provision for redress against injustices; citizenship for all eligible; and adult citizens could participate in the Ekklesia and serve as jurors.
In using ecclesia, I am suggesting the need to go back to the original meaning of "church" based on the Greek notion of ekklesia, designating the public assembly of free citizens of a Greek city-state who were called together to speak freely and deliberate publically on matters of life and justice in their city.
Estos espacios se conocieron con el nombre de domus Ecclesiae y las asambleas que alli se realizaban como Kat' oikon ekklesia.
Acts reflects the supremacy of the Jerusalem church in Samaria and Antioch of Syria having heard about the 'new' developments of the ekklesia.
A ekklesia crista pode ser definida como uma assembleia de cidadaos de pleno direito, de igual modo que se definem as assembleias politicas profanas.
She is a member of Ekklesia and the Cottage Grove Hospital Auxiliary, and is a volunteer at the Eugene Mission.
Por primera vez quedan explicadas de modo suficiente las instituciones politicas mas importantes: la Ekklesia (la asamblea popular, compuesta por seis mil o mas hombres, que votaba a mano alzada sobre nombramientos, contratos con otros estados y politicas domesticas), los nomotbetai (legisladores--nomos--elegidos por un solo dia, para votar sobre leyes y modificaciones a las leyes), el Dikasterion (el tribunal popular, donde los dikastai--responsables de velar por Dike, la justicia--formaban jurados para litigios privados o acusaciones publicas), la Boule (o Consejo de los Quinientos, o Consejo del Areopago), encargado de "la voluntad" general expresada por via de ho boulomenos (el voluntario) .
Muitos Gregos e ate mesmo muitos Atenienses nao concordariam que a maneira particular como os Atenienses se governavam seria a melhor forma de organizar uma polis, com um larguissimo corpo de cidadaos, onde a ekklesia detinha um poder quase absoluto--Platao, Aristoteles ou Polibio, por exemplo, hao-de pensar de outro modo.
She is very active in her church community, the Ekklesia New Covenant in Holliston, where she sings in the chorus.
De aqui su relacion con la griega ekklesia, cuyo significado es el mismo.
Wilson, a Baptist, describes ecclesial ferment among evangelicals and gives five examples: ancient/future Christianity; the Ekklesia Project; emerging churches; the missional church; and new monasticism.