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One such function is the elaborative logico-semantic relation which this study intended to investigate.
Spoken academic metadiscourse addresses the need to develop honors students' Elaborative Processing.
The repetitive and elaborative language used illustrates the coherence and evolution of the pretend frames.
In the elaborative processing explanation, the argument is that people process the items on the to-beremembered list item-by-item by elaborating whether each word is descriptive of themselves (Bellezza, 1984; Rogers et al.
It is the execution of specific activities necessary to consolidate the regional technical centers of reference in order to make them in line with the directives issued dall~AGID (TIA - 942 Tier A") and to federate the same to get a single technical center logically distributed multiple poles elaborative geographically distinct.
Before elaborative and expensive laboratory tests are performed, rule for their necessity by less elaborate and cheaper laboratory test to test the masses before dosing them.
Because the JHC is the scholarly arm of AHC, I also believe that, as editor of the journal, I am required to report the mission statement to our readership and offer a more elaborative explication for those ideas and word choices found in the new mission statement.
Quantitative methodologies wrestle with tensions between elaborative and parsimonious modeling, especially in relation to large populations conceived as a diversity of sub-groups.
Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti provided documents only after intervention of Central Information Commission (CIC) that too partially when break- up of huge expenditure made by CPWD was deliberately avoided for stopping revealing funds spent by CPWD on Director's official residence, even though CIC in its order specifically mentioned to provide detailed and elaborative information about funds spent by CPWD," Agrawal said.
The elaborative choice, as Kelly terms it, is not necessarily the one that gives most pleasure or satisfaction, but the one that helps us make sense of the world, and supports our world-view.
Rathore's work seems to be expressive and elaborative in terms of imagery and the narrative it carries yet there are many wonders ahead of her to be explored.
I got an opportunity to accompany him during his latest visit to Liverpool University in January 2014 where he was elaborative about his PDF days with Prof.