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Although the above-mentioned studies analyzed the effects of the number and the amplitudes of circumferential lobes on bearing lubrication with consideration of elastic deformation of the bearing shell and journal, the influence of the roundness phase (the angle of the roundness geometric shape along the journal circumferential direction) is ignored.
If road conditions are getting worse, elastic deformation of the suspension element increases and passes, for example, to the segment [U.
In practice, there are few elastically isotropic materials; however, many materials are considered isotropic for the purpose of elastic deformation analysis.
The preceding results indicate that an increase in the CNC content in the nanocomposite reduced both the instantaneous elastic deformation and the time-dependent creep characteristic of the samples due to higher modulus of the samples.
In the situation where elastic deformation coexists with plastic deformation, the regions experiencing elastic deformation (call the deformation structural element, DSE) obeys Hooke's law.
The stress-deformation curves reveal that the material in all its reinforcement matrix combinations presented large elastic deformation, but did not present considerable plastic deformation.
30) proposed a hybrid scheme to design an optimum fixture layout in order to reduce the maximum elastic deformation of the workpiece caused by the clamping and machining forces acting on the workpiece while machining.
He focuses mainly on numerical solutions to the Reynolds equation, energy equation, elastic deformation equation, and combinations of the three.
For unloaded movements, the required work mainly depends on the helical springs; the elastic deformation of the glove, if present; and the energy dissipation, as described previously.
However, elastic deformation of the layers, which were flexibly adapting to the changing bedding conditions, were recorded in the layered overlying strata.
15) obtained the best results when dental alginate impressions were poured after 10 minutes to avoid distortion from the initial expansion and elastic deformation, but before 1 hour to avoid distortion of the alginate by contraction or expansion due to water imbibition and syneresis.