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It will be shown that elastic deformation is represented by longitudinal wave dynamics where the restoring force is longitudinal.
t], and its corresponding displacement, [zeta], obviously pertain to interface compliance within the elastic deformation domain, since the system returns to its initial state ([zeta approximately equal to] 0) upon cessation of the tangential force.
The orbiting thrust plate, made of aluminum alloy, undergoes an elastic deformation because of the axial loading along the axis of rotation.
Obviously, either the elastic modulus or the viscosity-like modulus, or both, of the latex particles remained nearly as high and resisted further elastic deformation or prevented appreciable creep.
3) equals one in a case of elasto-plastic deformation, and equals zero in a case of a elastic deformation reducing Eq.
5 lb, and failure typically involved "pull-through" of the buttons through elastic deformation rather than mechanical tearing or collapse.
r], accounts for elastic deformation of both the indenter and the sample and is given by
1), r(c,t) is the position of the particle c in the moment t, [mu](c) is the density of the body mass and [gamma](c) is viscous friction factor in c, f(r,t) represents the external forces which are applied on the deformable object, [epsilon](r) is a function that controls the instantaneus potencial energy of the body elastic deformation.
Brittle fracture with pure elastic deformation occurs at low temperature or high impact velocity.
Elastic deformation is nonpermanent deformation that occurs instantaneously after a stress is applied or released and is described by the elastic modulus.
Elastic Deformation / Springback: It is a measure of the amount of deflection or activation, which the appliance can sustain and still be totally elastic, i.
Tribos toolholders feature polygonal clamping, which clamps cutting tools based on the elastic deformation of the toolholder.