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At some point, a landing created enough stress to exceed the elastic limit of the remaining metal cross section.
Nevertheless, it is possible to set an elastic limit in tension if a criterion is established.
Newspapers sometimes get things wrong and sometimes stretch their freedom beyond the elastic limit, as evidenced by the current proceedings of the Leveson Inquiry.
The available internet data source [35] gave us additional parameters: the apparent elastic limit [[sigma].
Taken this into consideration the adapted structural type and the material used can have a great influence on local and assembly rigidity, attenuation capacity, possibility of moving forward the behaviour elastic limit, seismically response expressed in stress and deformations.
5" (about the size of a large bookmark), beyond their elastic limit and then letting them go.
Structure Metal Insensitive Structure Properties properties Sensitive Properties [arrow down] Mechanical Elastic-Moduli Tensile strength, Yield Strength, Tensile elongation, True Breaking strength, Elastic Limit, Proportional Limit, Cree-Rupture Strength, Creep Strength, Strain Hardening Rate, Tensile Reduction of Area, Fracture Strength, Fatigue Strength, Impact Strength, Hardness, Damping Capacity.
Most earthquake resistant structures are designed to deform beyond the elastic limit when subjected to severe seismic actions.
This may seem like a small matter, but in fact, according to Mair, tightening the nut beyond the specified torque is a problem as it can cause the stud to be loaded beyond the elastic limit.
Note that the stress-strain relations of many biological tissues do not conform to Hook's law throughout the elastic range but may deviate from this idealized linear stress-strain behavior at stresses well below the elastic limit.