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This kinetic factor is believed to contribute to a reduction in the amount of energy used in treadmill running as the amount of elastic recoil is held within the suspension of the treadmill platform, and it is this that will create the storage of potential energy at the runner's ground contact phase, giving the bounce effect related with treadmill running.
Vital capacity is determined by the lung dimensions, compliance and respiratory muscle power whereas PEFR is determined mainly by airway caliber, alveolar elastic recoil and respiratory muscle effort.
As a note is held, at some point both gravity and elastic recoil cease to provide the motive force to reduce the thoracic volume, and we must transition to using the abdominal muscles to further empty the lungs.
Elastic recoil tension, applied by the ergometer's loading mechanism, was adjusted during the kinematic trial in order to assess the independent effect of applied recoil forces on muscle activity and joint kinematics of the shoulder joint and upper limb.
In the salamanders, and toads and chameleons, the tongue is launched by the elastic recoil," Dr Deban told BBC News.
Winched There was a real sense of achievement in having conquered a long-held fear, and I found the elastic recoil smoother than I expected.
The skin is sagging, redundant, and stretchable with reduced elastic recoil.
Liberation Treatment, just like other endovascular procedures, also carries risks, such as elastic recoil, rupture of the vein and blood clots, etc.
To extend the exhalation, the abdominal muscles provide a gentle checking action to the elastic recoil of the diaphragm.
To measure penetration depth of penetrator, both for static load hardness tests and impact ones, and impact speed and elastic recoil speed (in impact load hardness tests), a differential inductive displacement sensor is used, in contact to the mobile core of charging electromagnet coil, composed of two electric coils 13,14, and a mobile core 15.