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Scapular marker positions were significantly higher at all phases of the cycle as elastic recoil tension increased (Figure 2d).
Specifically, as the center of mass descends under the force of gravity elastic elements in the legs (that is, tensed muscles, tendons, and skeletal structures) are deformed, and forces produced by subsequent elastic recoil of these elements are used to propel the center of mass upward and forward to initiate a new cycle.
Implantation of coronary artery stents provides excellent scaffolding for the vessel wall, prevents dissection of the coronary artery, and blocks elastic recoil.
1), and releasing the pinch simply allows the built up elastic recoil to occur (like dropping a golf ball from the same height repeatedly).
These complex lesions are often characterized by challenging anatomy that makes catheter delivery difficult, balloon slippage leading to "geographic miss," elastic recoil and the need to use high pressures.
The RePneu LVRC works by compressing the hyperinflated lung tissue to reduce volume, while helping to restore the lung's natural elastic recoil.
Again, cigarette smoking can result in the destruction of alveolar septae, causing lung tissue to experience decreased elastic recoil.
PneumRx currently manufactures the RePneu LVRC System, a minimally invasive device intended to improve lung function in emphysema patients by bronchoscopically implanting Nitinol coils into the lungs to compress diseased tissue (lung volume reduction), restore elastic recoil, and adjust lung compliance.