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The present finding is also consistent with the one by Pagoulatos and Sorensen (1986) in that advertising facilitates oligopolistic pricing by lowering elasticity of demand as well as the contention that advertising may lead to greater collusion.
Such understatement would bias the estimated price elasticity of demand away from 0 (namely, the small firm's elasticity of demand for insurance would be overstated).
The lower the income elasticity of demand for good 2 relative to that for good 1, the smaller the relative price rise.
The primary research question was "What is the tuition elasticity of demand for a college education at MVNC, among current students, and what are the implications for the school?
This elasticity of demand, meaning the relationship between price and demand (a product type is considered elastic if demand drops when prices increase, and inelastic when demand isn't changed by price increases), will impact how much retailers are able to absorb the cost of VAT.
Define [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] as the elasticity of demand of health services with respect to the price of visits, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] as the elasticity of demand of visits with respect to [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] as the elasticity of demand of visit intensity with respect to [P.
straight" bets where the numbers must be matched in an exact order pay out 500 to 1 and "six-way" bets where three distinct digits may be matched in any order pay out 80 to 1) Although the prize levels for daily numbers games do not vary from draw to draw, the elasticity of demand for tickets in response to jackpot size in other lotteries (the "halo effect" or "lottomania") has been studied in Chen and Chie (2008) and Matheson and Grote (2005).
Most studies using aggregate lottery-demand models have estimated an income elasticity of demand that is less than one (and conclude that lotteries are regressive), whereas evidence on the cross-price elasticity of demand is mixed.
This all depends on the price elasticity of demand and the additional employment created in the health and sugar-alternatives sectors.
Insurers that fail to do so and are later determined to have used price optimization or elasticity of demand or failed to disclose such use to the Commissioner may be subject to disciplinary action," the bulletin states.
Toys and games exhibit significant elasticity of demand in relation to GDP growth.