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OLD AGE. This needs no definition. Sometimes old age is the cause of loss of memory and of the powers of the mind, when the party may be found non compos mentis. See Aged witness; Senility.

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QC hosted elderly people from Ehsan in the presence of students of Qatar University's Social Work Program to promote interaction between the community members and express gratitude for what they have done for the benefit of the community throughout their lives.
During a rescue operation two elderly people who were trapped in the apartment were taken out through a window and transported to a private clinic as a precaution.
Globally, the number of elderly people is 800 million that is expected to rise two billion by 2050, he added.
The minister affirmed the Government's keenness on support the elderly people and providing them adequate health, housing, social and legal services.
In fact, it occurs in approximately 50% of elderly people in specialized care homes and double that number in elderly people in the community (Boyington et al.
Maddy Fitzgerald-Wilkins, who is collecting donations for lonely, elderly people after being inspired by the John Lewis Christmas advert
Moreover, it is a religious and ethical duty to provide elderly people with proper social and health care that enhance their welfare.
Objective: The main aim of the research was to find the factors determining the QOL and family support of elderly people.
We are getting calls from elderly people saying that their family members are not taking care of them", said Fatima Al Kindi, Social Support Section at Women and Child Protection at General Department of Human Rights at Dubai Police.
Young people are now much more able to take care of themselves and it is high time the last years of our elderly people were made more comfortable.
Despite having worked all their lives to build this country, having paid taxes and raised, and helped to raise up to two generations of our citizens, many elderly people are left to freeze or starve to death because of being forced to choose between heating or food, in the sixth richest country on the planet.
Ensour, accompanied by Minister of Social Development Reem Abu Hassan, met with a group of elderly people and inquired about their condition and needs.