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MAYOR, officer. The chief or executive magistrate of a city who bears this title.
     2. It is generally his duty to cause the laws of the city to be enforced, and to superintend inferior officers, such as constables, watchmen and the like. But the power and authority which mayors possess being given to them by local regulations, vary in different places.

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A: A switch to elected mayors in Leicester, Liverpool, Salford and potentially other cities risked Newcastle being "left behind", said Lord John Shipley.
The limited change a local elected mayor represents cannot tackle the region-wide problems of regeneration, employment, transport and planning that affect Birmingham, but are much bigger than the city's ability to resolve.
The deputy leader of Kirklees Conservatives said: "We are being asked to choose between an elected mayor or a powerful leader who can hire and fire everyone.
Those Redcar and Cleveland councillors who voted for a combined authority, but without an elected mayor, must already feel disillusioned because it has now emerged that the retiring elected mayor of Middlesbrough, Ray Mallon, not only believes that the proposed sub-region should have an elected mayor but that he wouldn't dismiss the possibility of it being him.
called for five new powers during talks with the Government's senior advisor on elected mayors Lord Michael Heseltine.
A directly elected mayor in Newcastle and a leader elected by the majority party in Gateshead is anomalous and, at some deeper level, wrong.
There are cities around the country who now wish they could get rid of their elected mayors.
Those in favour have been unable to provide a scrap of evidence that councils with elected mayors perform better than those who don't have one.
The site has links to articles and information about the role of an elected mayor, along with the latest news on the referendum campaign.
or write 48, Old Liverpool In a highly-charged and partisan debate played out to more than 100 people in the university's Victoria Building, each argued their view on whether an elected mayor - who would hold all the powers of a council leader and chief executive combined - would increase democratic accountability and create a more inspired and inspirational style of leadership for Liverpool.
Local councillors are elected by their communities, in many parts of Wales on a village by village basis, and we believe that they provide far more responsive and democratic representation for their constituents than a single elected mayor would.
About 15 volunteers from the Think Liverpool group will visit the streets around Goodison Park at lunchtime to tell fans about the benefits they believe an elected mayor would bring.