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The Central Election Commission (CEC) presented to the mediathe information about voter turnout in election precincts abroad.
As Ekaterine Azarashvili, the CEC s spokesperson stated at today s news briefing, voter turnout abroad amounted 7, 5 percent which means that 3,634 voters cast ballot in election precincts abroad.
One rises early to beat a path to the old schoolhouse whose classrooms serve as election precincts, searches for and locates one's precinct, takes a position cheek by jowl with others crowding around the list of voters, and, having found oneself duly accredited (if one is lucky), proceeds to perform one's patriotic duty.
Those voters include the infirm and the elderly, who would now again have to line up, join the throng, and endure the considerable inconvenience of voting in the old election precincts.
Days leading to the election day, teachers serving as members of the Board of Election Inspectors usually prepare the public schools which would serve as the Comelec's election precincts.
In subsequent elections, we manned the election precincts with our flashlights and candles, with Ting Paterno and Jimmy Ongpin, we distributed flyers, we too turns sleeping on hard benches in nearby sarisari stores.