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A voter who has fulfilled the qualifications imposed by law; a constituent; a selector of a public officer; a person who has the right to cast a ballot for the approval or rejection of a political proposal or question, such as the issuance of bonds by a state or municipality to finance public works projects.

A member of the electoral college—an association of voters elected by the populace of each state and the District of Columbia—which convenes every four years to select the president and vice president of the United States.

ELECTOR, government. One who has the right to make choice of public officers one, who has a right to vote.
     2. The qualifications of electors are generally the same as those required in the person to be elected; to this, however, there is one exception; a naturalized citizen may be an elector of president of the United States, although he could not constitutionally be elected to that office.

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In the House Elections Committee, HB 543 received a committee substitute that did away with the fine, instead making any elector ineligible to serve if he or she submits a ballot for someone other than the candidate who received the most votes in the general election in Texas.
But only two of the 306 Republican electors, both from Texas, ended up casting a ballot against Trump.
The Electoral College makes the presidential election a series of winner-take-all contests, with all of each state's electors awarded to the winner of that state's popular vote.
This college doesn't have fraternities, a football team, or even any classes: It's just 538 people called electors from all 50 states and Washington, D.
At this point it was too late to send the postal ballot pack and get it back by the deadline, we offered the elector a proxy vote and apologised for the error but received no further communication.
Hollyer and Wantchekon, 2015) The electoral system variables may affect not only elector information and option, but also the range for governmental corruption.
On receipt of such application, the Returning officer will send the ballot paper to the elector with an envelope addressed to himself in which the ballot paper, duly marked, with be returned by the elector, by post.
Muskie of Maine) objected in writing to counting the vote of an elector from North Carolina who had been expected to cast his vote for Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew, but who instead cast his vote for George Wallace and Curtis LeMay.
The Special (mail-in) Ballot was available to any elector who was physically incapacitated or absent from their electoral division.
The newly-proposed wards will secure a more equitable elector - councillor ratio right across the Island.
it was possible for an elector to formulate his or her own question.
Every elector received an online registration package by mail as part of the regular voter notification process.