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In past Lebanese elections, political parties would strike alliances to form lists of candidates in an electoral district.
Despite the developments in voter-choice modeling discussed above, uncovering voter perceptions and preferences revealed by the actual votes in the first round, aggregated within each electoral district, poses several challenges to the political analyst and marketer.
Derwyn Shea, Member for the electoral district of High Park-Swansea (1995 to 1999)
In the General Election from the Jaffna electoral district, EPRLF Chief, the Leader of the dreaded Mandayan Group, was the worst causality this time.
The initiative that gathers all the main players of political parties in Egypt is poised to start work on the parties' version of electoral districts law amendments on 14 May.
Four candidates compete for MP mandate in 127 electoral districts and three candidates in 8 electoral districts.
The second article of the decree stipulates the division of each electoral district into constituencies as follows -- Muharraq District (eight), Northern District (12) and Southern District (10).
CEC data shows that turnout at the 25th electoral district in Sofia was 22.
The much larger electoral district of Brant will include the City of Brantford and most of the rest of Brant.
This means that the geographic size of each electoral district remained fairly constant before and after the mergers.
Summary: JEDDAH: The Administrative Court (Court of Grievances) in Jeddah has informed Jeddah Mayor Hani Abu Ras that the court's verdict on disputed results of municipal elections in one of the city electoral districts is final.
The colonial government managed a highly centralized system through the stipendiary magistrates stationed in each electoral district, and--importantly in this instance--the elected members of the House of Assembly (MHAS).