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MANIFESTO. A solemn declaration, by the constituted authorities of a nation, which contains the reasons for its public acts towards another.
     2. On the declaration of war, a manifesto is usually issued in which the nation declaring the war, states the reasons for so doing. Vattel, liv. 3, c. 4, Sec. 64; Wolff, Sec. 1187. See Anti-Manifesto.

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As politicians officially end election's campaign on Friday April 9 it is unlikely that political parties will air their electoral manifesto.
lt;p>As regards the party's electoral manifesto, he said that the MDS called for further progress on the way of reinforcing pluralism and democracy, dealing with unemployment, revising the Tax Code and building-up the Arab Maghreb.
Fighting corruption lay at the heart of his 2002 electoral manifesto but little progress has been made on either the Goldenberg or Anglo Leasing affairs, or on the wider problem in Kenyan society over the past five years.
Wednesday's convention also endorsed the party's electoral manifesto for the upcoming constituent assembly election.
Then they banned our electoral manifesto, and they put pressure on al-Jazeera television to prevent it from airing two programmes about our party which we had been counting on to publicise our views after they censored our manifesto".
UKIP have a full electoral manifesto which was published before the last general election and is available either via our website, www.