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The company's next all-electric vehicle is supposed to be an electric Mini to be released next year followed by an electric version of the BMW X3 and finally the iNext vehicle in 2021.
As an alternative, Renault have created an electric version of the sleigh, which they say costs as little as 2p per mile.
Earlier in August, Volkswagen had announced that it will build an electric version of its Microbus, which will be launched in the market by 2022.
LONDON: Maserati is planning an electric version of the Alfieri sports concept to compete with Tesla, as CEO of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) CEO Sergio Marchionne seeks to replicate the Tesla model.
MORGAN, a favourite marque of Road Record's old friend and motoring scribe Zog Ziegler, showed a production-ready electric version of their three-wheeler at Geneva.
The Malvern car-maker's EV3 is a prototype electric version of the Morgan 3 Wheeler, a vehicle which helped redefine the marque when it was launched in 2011.
Nissan's electric version of the NV200 will be launched sometime in 2015, and LTC here in Coventry has said that it will work on an electric version of its TX5.
In addition, the full electric version of the Vesta 300 will also be on show.
The electric version can be supplied with either a step or servo motor drive, with or without the motor driver package.
Detroit Electric has inked a deal with Geely to jointly create a wholly electric version of the Chinese maker's best-selling Emgrand EC7 saloon.
Overall Lexus RX capacity will increase by 30,000 vehicles to 104,000 units, including 15,000 RX450h vehicles, the hybrid electric version of the popular Lexus.
The Japanese automaker plans to provide from this fall its Fit EV compact vehicles, which will be launched on a lease-only basis in the United States this summer, and the plug-in hybrid electric version of its Accord sedan in early 2013, it said.

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