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A high-ranking official in the Ministry of Petroleum criticised the Customs Authority's decision to permit butane and gas-powered electric generators into the country during the gas shortage, which has been caused by the government's inability to pay for butane and gas.
According to executive aide at EGAS Mohamed Abdelrahman, the sale of butane or gas-powered electric generators constitutes a crisis that is dangerous for citizens than it is for the state.
The prices of electric generators are on the rise day after day, because of the recent hike of the US dollar, but citizens are compelled to buy them due to repeated power cuts," Reda Abdel Same'e, an electric generators' shop owner, told Al-Messa newspaper.
Abdul Ghani, a resident of Chah Ingeer area of the district added: "Locals have no money to buy oil for these electric generators.
A simple Atwood machine can be used to drive electric generators that have pulleys attached to the armature.
will be upgraded to blend and transload coal to serve electric generators on the Ohio River.
Proposed tax on Connecticut electric generators will increase Connecticut electric rates by at least $60 million
com/research/7a9ef3/the_2011_import_an) has announced the addition of the "The 2011 Import and Export Market for AC Electric Generators in Japan" report to their offering.
Future vehicles and electric generators powered by fuel cells could eventually run on hydrogen derived from corn.
And instead of electric generators, it's idle, relatively idle, or overpowered workstations and servers that are combined into a single, federated computing grid.
Previously the plant was operated with diesel electric generators.
Contract notice: Electric generators, and power sourcing.