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She experienced a durable remission after receiving two sessions of high frequency electric knife therapy, three sessions of balloon dilation, and four sessions of cryotherapy.
The high-frequency electric knife was used to open the subcutaneous tissue and platysma and the neck white line was then longitudinally incised along the neck midline.
99, the Oster 3 in I Hand Blender, Mini Chopper and Electric Knife allows the home chef to blend, chop and cut a variety of items in the kitchen.
All three types will complete the job; however, the electric knife and propane knife are portable and make on-site repairs much easier.
Cut each loaf cake horizontally into 4 slices, using serrated or electric knife.
You will need two tools: a Bundt cake pan and an electric knife.
Second on the 'most useless' list was the breadmaker, worth pounds 431m,followed by the sandwich toaster (pounds 377m), the electric knife (pounds 109m) and the fondue set (pounds 86m).
A man having a mole removed from his bottom with an electric knife reportedly broke wind during the procedure in a hospital in Kjellerups, Denmark.
A surgeon was removing a mole on his bottom with an electric knife which ignited the expelled gas, producing a flame which set light to his genitals which had been washed with surgical spirit.
A sharp knife or an electric knife can be used to cut the foam after marking it with a pencil.
Use switch-activated a) electric peeler b) electric knife to peel and slice fruit.
The electric knife is a wonderful epiphenomenon," as Holldobler puts it, sounding a little wistful.