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Insulation failure may cause some of the electrical conductors inside Riata leads to move within or move entirely outside the outer lead insulation.
Electrical conductors such as metals, for instance, can reflect the radio energy, just as mirrors reflect light.
The report concluded that had the gas and electrical service lines involved in this accident been adequately separated, the heat from the arcing electrical conductor failure would probably not have damaged the gas service line, and the accident would not have occurred.
The continuous joint-free, electrical conductors eliminated all conductor joints; the weak link in most crane electrification systems.
NEWHALL - A four-foot gopher snake dangling from the claws of a hawk Tuesday morning served as an electrical conductor - and the cause of a small brush fire in Newhall, a fire official said.
Researchers of Ohio State University have found a way to increase the conductivity of electronic polymers to such a degree that they could replace copper as the most commonly used electrical conductor.
The class action had alleged the fire was sparked by a break in an electrical conductor on a power pole near the Murrindindi Saw Mill.
29 ( ANI ): Researchers have developed a new stretchable and transparent electrical conductor, paving the way for fully foldable cell phone or a flat-screen television in the future.
The "Ultrawire" project aims at producing a material that conducts electricity better than any known electrical conductor
Overhead line equipment and third rail electrical conductor failures were 13.
An area may look dark in radar because it is tilted away from the detector, has a smooth surface, or is a good electrical conductor.
On the television show V Graham Norton he was recently seen using his body as an electrical conductor and lighting a petrol-soaked fire torch with the sparks from his fingers.

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