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adjective acting, ad tempus, brief, changeable, deciduous, elusive, ephemeral, evanescent, fleeting, fugacious, fugitive, impermanent, interim, limited, makeshift, momentary, monohemerous, nondurable, perishable, provisional, shifting, short-lived, stopgap, temporal, transient, transitional, transitive, transitory, unstable, volatile
Associated concepts: temporary restraining order
See also: acting, brief, ephemeral, interim, interlocutory, provisional, tentative, transient, transitory, vicarious

TEMPORARY. That which is to last for a limited time; as, a temporary statute, or one which is limited in its operation for a particular period of time after its enactment the opposite of perpetual.

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Prime Electrical Service offers top-quality, highly-reliable electrical work to residents throughout Bucks, Montgomery, and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania.
Prime Electrical Service has over 30 years of experience proudly serving Bucks, Montgomery, and Chester counties.
While inspecting their string lights for potential hazards, Prime Electrical Service wants to remind their clients to check all electrical decorations and appliances both outside and in their homes.
The costs associated with upgrading electrical service in existing buildings is dramatic.
This July Interstate Electrical Services Corporation(www.
The Paulding County Water System (herein referred to as the County) is requesting proposals from power transmission utilities to be considered for Electrical Service Providers (ESP) for the facilities described herein associated with the Richland Creek Reservoir (RCR) Project.
It's important to us that we provide a reasonable turnaround time on our routine and emergency electrical services.
This provides the customer with the benefit of having data in the cloud for backup and for real-time, multi-site aggregation and analytics, yet also provides the safety net of continued local operations in the case of loss of either Internet service or electrical service.
McGrath also discussed a recent Building Congress report which rated New York City's electrical service the most reliable in the nation.
New York City has the most reliable electrical service in the nation, a critical factor in the city's continued ability to retain business and attract new employers, the New York Building Congress reported recently.
In June 2006, Clockwork acquired the Atlanta-based Mister Sparky brand which, at that time, had 2006 projected revenue of $10 million and was the largest residential electrical service and repair company in the eastern United States and one of the biggest in North America.
The building has redundant services, including massive excess electrical service, telephone and data systems, and heating and air conditioning capacities.

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