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Ruth McDonagh, of Bovis, said: "We have been looking into this request from Orange to put antennae on the electricity pylon.
The move was almost scuppered when they encountered difficulties about moving an electricity pylon off the site.
ROYAL protection cops feared a terrorist attack after an electricity pylon box exploded at Prince Charles's Balmoral holiday retreat.
AN ELECTRICITY pylon is delaying work on a pounds 9million sports centre in Coventry.
According to legend, the wood of an aspen tree was used to make the cross on which Christ was crucified; Jonny Wilkinson smiles at the crowds during the England Rugby World Cup team victory parade in LondonMiddle row, Canadian carver Guy Beauregard works on his sculpture 'Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil' during preparations for the Ice World Festival in Luebeck, northern Germany; a worker in front of the rising moon as he climbs down from a new electricity pylon near Frankfurt, central Germany; one of the first cars leaves the M6 Toll, Britain's first pay-as-you-go motorwayBottom row, A members of Iraq's Civil Defence Corp (ICDC ) graduating after 21 days training in a ceremony at the military base in Tikrit, Iraq; Blue in concert at the NEC
By ALEX HICKEY A MYSTERY fire broke out at an electricity pylon leaving around 200 homes without power for a short period.
Firefighters had to cut the roof from an elderly couple's car to get to an injured woman after the vehicle hit an electricity pylon.
Detectives are investigating whether pro-hunting supporters tried to cut down a 130,000-volt electricity pylon as a warning to the Prime Minister.
Britain's only register of electricity pylon serial numbers.
The Government may take the Midland Electricity Board to court because it moved an electricity pylon closer to a group of homes.
According to a statement issued by PkMAP Provincial Secretariat on Tuesday, the party regretted that gunmen attacked a group of labourers working on an power transformer laden electricity pylon in Sufaid Takro area of district Kohlu on Monday, in which three labourers were killed on the spot and as many others sustained bullet injuries.
A deaf man sparked an emergency rescue operation when he climbed up an electricity pylon at Sunderland Railway Station.

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