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In all types of electrolyte imbalance, initial GCS Score was low.
The patient was subsequently admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) because of inability to correct her electrolyte imbalance, especially the hypernatraemia.
According to severity of the hepatic encephalopathy, infection and electrolyte imbalance still the main precipitating factors in all grade of encephalopathy.
Because very little PEG-ES is absorbed into the bloodstream, it is safe for people with poor or marginal kidney function as well as those susceptible to fluid and electrolyte imbalance (Connor, Tolan, Hughes, Carr, & Tomson, 2012).
3%), uremia in 27(45%) electrolyte imbalance in 17(28.
A missed seizure should prompt monitoring and correction of electrolyte imbalance if any.
Currently, there are two prevailing theories regarding the onset of heat cramps: the electrolyte imbalance theory and the neuromuscular fatigue theory.
A University of Virginia fraternity forces its pledges to eat a dish composed of dog food, matzah ball, gefilte fish, and soy saucesomething we know because one freshman was hospitalized earlier this month when a severe electrolyte imbalance due to sodium overconsumptiontranslation: Guzzling soy saucecaused seizures (he's fine).
Diagnosis; abdominal pain, hypotension, electrolyte imbalance.
Following admission to paediatric intensive care of a five-month old boy with severe electrolyte imbalance, renal dysfunction and stroke as a result of being exclusively fed raw goat's milk for three to four weeks, paediatricians undertook a literature review of the consequences associated with infants being fed raw goat's milk.
This suggests that electrolyte imbalance is not the only reason for QT, QTc and QTcd abnormalities seen on ECG records.

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