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In the law of Patents, the presence of two pending applications, or an existing patent and a pending application that encompass an identical invention or discovery.

When interference exists, the Patent and Trademark Office conducts an investigation to ascertain the priority of invention between the conflicting applications, or the application and the patent. A patent is customarily granted to the earlier invention.

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Chung, "Submicron carbon filament cement-matrix composites for electromagnetic interference shielding," Cement and Concrete Research, vol.
Thus, we utilize this simulator to research effects of microwave electromagnetic interference on CMOS RS flip-flops.
The non-contact devices measure torque, speed and power of rotating machines and are hardened against electromagnetic interference (EMI), the company said.
The MLH Series is sealed to IP 65 for use in harsh environments and complies with the CE heavy industrial EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) standard for use in areas of high RFI/EMI (Radio Frequency Interference/ Electromagnetic Interference).
"Our approach provides low-latency, 6-DOF tracking of multiple pilots in a fixed or rotary wing cockpit with no sensitivity to metallic or electromagnetic interference," concludes Foxlin.
They may also have to take organisational and technical measures, such as putting up warning signs in areas with high levels of electromagnetic interference.
It features digital signal processing to ensure higher sensitivity; automatic product tracking to monitor changes during production; and digital noise reduction, which filters out background noise and electromagnetic interference that could cause false readings and unnecessary product rejection.
Electromagnetic interference from controls driving the motors on the trains can change the lights on the signals.
A high resolution CCD imager that is environmentally sealed and protected against vibration and shock, it is also protected against electromagnetic interference and has a Mil-Std power supply and crosshair (reticule) generator.
Visitors to the site can download the GEMI (Grounding and ElectroMagnetic Interference) analysis software program, and the "Guidelines to Installing Steel Conduit and Tubing."
Topics to be covered include all types of enclosures including housing, cases, cabinets, chambers and shelters; thermal, power, shock, acoustic and contamination protection; electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrostatic discharge protection (ESD); and related testing, materials, handling and manufacturing technologies.
The shielded Cat5E350 patch cord is engineered for users needing extra protection within noisy network environments--as a direct result of outside electromagnetic interference (EMI)/radio frequency interference (RFI).

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