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Basing his opinion solely on published reports and other openly available information, Stone says there is a potential for electronic eavesdropping into many commercial structures.
The S/KEY system -- nominated as Best Authentication Product -- helps protect computer networks and their users against password theft from electronic eavesdropping.
Germany has been at the front position of international outrage over alleged electronic eavesdropping by the US National Security Agency and Britain's GCHQ, revealed last year by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.
If mentioned in an email, fax or phone call, they trigger an electronic eavesdropping system called Echelon.
Shares in the company have climbed significantly over the past few days following a report that the new product - which can absorb radio waves aimed at ships or aircraft - could also shield computers and embassies from electronic eavesdropping and hacking.
Electronic eavesdropping laws are difficult to enforce.
MCI's Internet browser software executes an encrypted credit card transaction, ensuring that the calling card order is secure and free from possible electronic eavesdropping.
The US Navy EP-3 plane, crammed with electronic eavesdropping equipment, came down on Sunday after a midair clash with a Chinese F-8 fighter which was tailing it.
The new vehicle will operate deep behind enemy lines using advanced electronic eavesdropping equipment and television cameras to transmit information back to force commanders.
Holt leads the reader from the unregulated early days of Lipset's career and his use of surreptitious electronic voice-recording equipment and photographic surveillance to the present-day with the patchwork of state and federal legislative limitations on electronic eavesdropping.
After all, human sources are available for use in collecting intelligence, and electronic eavesdropping is a federal crime.
DURING THE PAST 10 YEARS, the security industry has experienced a steady increase in the establishment and operation of defense systems against electronic eavesdropping.

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