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A territorial or geographical division of a country or state.

A circuit is the judicial territory over which a court has the jurisdiction to hear cases.


noun ambit, area, arrondissement, bounds, confines, district, domain, dominion, exclusive area, extent, field, hemisphere, jurisdiction, land, locus, orbis, orbit, pale, part, place, precinct, province, quarter, range, realm, region, section, site, situs, sphere, territory, zone
Associated concepts: circuit court, circuit court of appeals, circuit judge, circuit officers, judicial circuits, riding circuit
See also: bench, boundary, circulate, circumscribe, contour, cycle, detour, district, encompass, extent, gamut, outline, periphery, province, region, scope, sphere, territory


a periodical journey made to an area by judges. The regularity of the practice led to the administrative divisions of the English court service being described as circuits. The Scottish High Court of Justiciary still sits on circuit around Scotland.
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showed that it is possible under the right conditions to synchronize the wildly fluctuating voltages of a pair of properly matched chaotic electronic circuits (SN: 3/24/90, p.
For example, the wildly fluctuating voltages characteristic of chaotic electronic circuits could never stay in step.
One solution is to make electronic circuits more 'flexible' so that they can exist at one moment for one purpose, but can be completely reconfigured the next moment for another purpose," Gregg added.
Maritime Administration report, most of that cargo, by value, includes electronic circuits, batteries and data processing machines.
This discovery, based on the principles of quantum physics, suggests a need to revise our understanding of how even the simplest electronic circuits behave at the nanoscale
A team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich has exploited microchip-fabrication methods to integrate both the cantilevers and the electronic circuits of an AFM on one, fingernail-size sliver of silicon.
When materials scientist Angela Belcher set out to build electronic circuits using building blocks the size of viruses, she took the challenge quite literally.
Called microfluidic chips, the devices can also store data represented by different fluids and hydraulically execute simple logic operations that are usually left to electronic circuits.
He is the author of 'Computer Simulation of Electronic Circuits,' a textbook used at universities world-wide.
Such curvaceous electronic circuits may eventually lead to compact cameras with extra-wide fields of view that could be used for spying and for preventing aircraft collisions, says study coauthor Sigurd Wagner.
IFCs are fabricated using lithographic processes akin to those for integrated electronic circuits, of silicon, but IFCs are made of a rubber-like material and incorporate tens of thousands of microscopic channels, chambers, vias, and valves for nanofluidics.
If some researchers have it their way, however, those slabs may double as components in electronic circuits.

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