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Megan, from Llanfechell, Anglesey, is studying Electronic Engineering.
Apronia Shimmi, Bachelor Electronic Engineering at the University of Namibia.
Wednesday, Gul-e-Zahra of Electronic Engineering, Sadia Ghani Malik of Computer Engineering, Fiza Burney of Telecommunication Engineering,
The conference addressed actual problems of modern science and technology in oxide and related materials and applications of them in new energy sources, electronic engineering and information technologies, optoelectronics, sensors, and other fields.
Fax: 63164416 Address Nanyang Technological University, School Of Electrical &Amp; Electronic Engineering, S2-B2b-66, Nanyang Link, Singapore 639798
Swarm intelligence for electric and electronic engineering.
The focus of the Telecom Namibia Bursary Scheme is to build human resources capacity mainly in the fields of accounting, electronic engineering, telecommunications engineering and information technology to address both company-specific and national skills requirements.

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