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Mona Al Marri expressed her appreciation and gratitude for the Arab Union of Electronic Media and the organieers of the Electronic Media Forum for electing her among Arab media icons.
SANA Director General Ahmad Dawa said the new website keeps pace with the latest technical and technological developments in the vast world of electronic media, which acquires a special significance with SANA being the top official source of news about everything in Syria.
Among 3,604 children, electronic media use appeared to be associated with poorer well-being.
Perform regular clean-outs of storage facilities and avoid stockpiling unused hard drives and electronic media
Fadlallah, a Hezbollah official, said the committee had put some legal controls on electronic media.
McLuhan's metaphor of media as extensions of our senses was insightful and useful, and in an earlier age of electronic media it was plausible.
The use of electronic media may be permissible for proxy voting, but such voting is generally limited to members.
Therefore, if damage to property (including electronic media and records) occurs and you cannot resume business on a timely basis because of loss to your electronic media and records, you will only be able to seek coverage under your business income form for a period of 60 days from the date of the direct damage loss or until the date that the other property (property other than electronic media and records) that was damaged or destroyed is repaired or replaced--whichever is the longer period of time.
IBM Corp is to enhance the Electronic Media Management System (EMMS), its electronic media distribution and digital rights management software, with a number of new features.
Children and teens in today's "typical" North American families are submerged in a total electronic media environment from a very early age.
g) Electronic media includes any means for transmitting messages electronically between you and a consumer in a format that allows visual text to be displayed on equipment, for example, a personal computer monitor.
The supplier directories developed in conjunction with SupplyBase allow Cahners to increase our value to readers and advertisers," said John Sateja, vice president of electronic media development for Cahners Electronic Media.

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