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She said rural businesses could develop renewable heat enterprises by bringing under-managed woodlands back into productive use, and planting new energy crops like poplar, willow and elephant grass.
When combusted as coal one hectare of elephant grass, or miscanthus as it is known to scientists, produces enough fuel to save up to seven tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.
Elephant grass originates from the Caribbean and is usedto create energy at power stations, for biodegradable plant pots, and is mixed with wood to make a fibre board.
Warwick's work with elephant grass follows developments in the creation of plastics that are kinder to the environment.
Biomass crops are making a significant impact on the UK agricultural sector, and the new breeding programme looks set to secure the future of Asian elephant grass as an option for farmers.
Sir John believes elephant grass, or miscanthus, is a viable alternative.
By the end of that period Graham expects South Wales to be growing 600 hectares of willow and miscanthus or elephant grass for biomass boilers and power stations.
Energy crops, such as elephant grass (miscanthus), short-rotation coppice or oil-seed rape would seem a more sensible approach - they can be grown on a wide range of land types, and are more or less neutral for greenhouse gases.
The first crop of elephant grass in Wales was harvested last week on a farm near Cowbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan.
WELSH scientists hope to overcome a major obstacle in the adoption of miscanthus - commonly known elephant grass - as an energy crop.
Napiergrass, also known as elephant grass, resembles sugarcane in stature and in methods of propagation.
Raheja said that the elephant grass, bushes and babul trees have been removed from approximately 50 per cent of the operational area of the airport.