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The collection's Men's Shave Herbal Bump Preventer After Shave Elixer recently won a grooming award from Ebony magazine.
As Donna Underwood faces an alchemist tribunal for the Elixer theft she committed in The Iron Witch (Flux/Llewellyn, 2011/VOYA February 2011), she learns from a reluctant fey messenger that the Wood Queen will free Donna's mother from a fatal curse if Donna opens the door to Faerie so the wood elves can return home.
He previously was CFO of Elixer Pharmaceuticals, and prior to that CFO of Domantis Ltd.
As part of its Essentials Winter Collection, the company launched Fluoro5 Elixer, a lightweight hair repair treatment serum, which is 100% vegan and paraben, gluten and sulfate free.
In 1937, over 100 people died and others were severely injured by the drug Elixer Sulfanilamide, which was never tested for safety before entering the market.