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You will just permit me to mix a little more of the elixir of life, and then, as the poet says, my plain unvarnished tale I shall deliver.
It is so beautiful to the eye that I could imagine it the elixir of life.
In one sense it is," replied Aylmer; "or, rather, the elixir of immortality.
He had been made to accept Saunders McNitre, Luke Waters, Giles Jowls, Podgers' Pills, Rodgers' Pills, Pokey's Elixir, every one of her Ladyship's remedies spiritual or temporal.
I thought he was fit to die with shame, and there he sits grinning smiles, as good as to say, 'Let the world wag as it will, I've the philosopher's stone in my waist-coat pocket, and the elixir of life in my cupboard; I'm independent of both Fate and Fortune'"
It has taken me all these years to find my tipple, Bunny; but here it is, my panacea, my elixir, my magic philtre
All of this devotion evolved into the Nariveda line of elixirs.
Denver-based edibles manufacturer Dixie Elixirs is expanding its facilities to promote transparency and education in the industry while spotlighting the science behind its hand-crafted confections and carbonated beverages.
Among its nine new ingestible herbal elixirs, to make menopause more fun, are Soothing Protection Spray to cool down after a hot flash, priced at $25; Energy Elixir to help with midlife fatigue for $28.
Formation of Red Dice Holdings, LLC, Allows Dixie Elixirs & Edibles to Become First National Medical Cannabis Brand in US
Spice Pharm elixirs are instant mixes that offer an alternative to coffee and tea, with "just add water" convenience.
Growth hormones join other elixirs that claim to restore youth