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ELL. A measure of length. In old English the word signifies arm, which sense it still retains in the word elbow. Nature has no standard of measure. The cubit, the ell, the span, palm, hand, finger, (being taken from the individual who uses them) varies. So of the foot, pace, mile, or mille passuum. See Report on Weights and Measures, by the Secretary of State of the United. States, Feb. 22, 1821; Fathom.

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Researchers recommended "providing opportunities for mainstream teacher candidates to consult and collaborate with ELL specialized teachers and teacher candidates to illuminate the benefits of professional collaborations and information exchange.
I discuss how and why students understand what it means to be an ELL and demonstrate how, as the course progressed, students' understandings expanded and changed.
The primary outcomes of the meeting included: evaluation of the requirements that will be needed to align ELL solutions with Common Core State Standards; development of an ELL products and services roadmap incorporating user feedback; and demonstration of an online English language proficiency assessment launched in China that incorporates speech recognition technology.
ELL (BC-RONDA 018), FGR (MACB 109055); 4: ELL (BC-RONDA 055); 5: FGR (MACB 108917); 8: ELL (BC-RONDA 132); 9: AGB (BCN-AG 69); 11: ELS (SANT-Lich 12239).
From dealing with issues of proper ELL placement to requesting more ESL-specific resources, teachers often end up advocating for ELLs, which can cause personal and professional burnout and frustration.
Lack of training on second language acquisition (SLA) and ESL pedagogy has been correlated with inappropriate ELL identification practices (Colombo, McMakin, Jacobs, & Shestok, 2013; Fletcher & Navarrete, 2003; Orosco & Klingner, 2010; Turkan & Buzick, 2016).
We commend Arizona's Superintendent of Public Instruction and ADE for voluntarily agreeing to take these important steps to ensure that ELL students are timely identified and receive language services critical to their academic success," said Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta, head of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division.
Numbers of ELLs are expected to increase in the future.
States with the largest share of ELL students Nevada: 31% California: 24% New Mexico: 19% Source: National Center for Education Statistics
Specialized tutoring centers, such as ELL labs, are able to effectively respond to the ways that student populations use the services provided.
Some of the inequality issues related to language are highlighted when considering ELLs in the deliberative process.
Impediments to ELL learning include teacher attitudes towards ELL students, the misdiagnosis of ELL students as learning disabled, and the lack of professional development.