ELONGATA, practice. There turn made by the sheriff to a writ of replevin, when the goods have been removed to places unknown to him. See, for the form of this return, Wats. Sher. Appx. c. 18, s. 3, p. 454; 3 Bl. Com. 148.
     2. On this return the plaintiff is entitled to a capias in withernam. Vide Withernam, and Wats. Sher. 300, 301. The word eloigne, (q.v.) is sometimes used as synonymous with elongata.

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(2006) have reported antiviral activities against AIV and HSV-1 from their methanol and hot aqueous extracts of Boswellia ameero, Boswellia elongata, Buxus.
The present study focuses on the characterization of the Corallina Elongata (CE) alga and its adsorption performance for Methylene Blue (MB), this alga is found in abundance at the Mediterranean coast of the city of Jijel in eastern Algeria.
Hexamermis elongata, with unknown host, differs in the size of the spicules (180 [micro]m) and the genital papillae have 4 rows: the lateral ones with 6-15 papillae, and the median rows with 8 preanal and 4-17 postanal papillae.
elongata pollen has been reported, achieving 90% seed set (Yang et al., 2009).
(2007) observaram que o ataque de Diorhabda elongata (Brulle), um besouro que causa desfolha em Tamarix L, uma especie arborea invasora de ecossistemas riparios nos Estados Unidos, reduziu os teores de acucares nao estruturais e o rebrote da planta.
Among Cecidomyiidi, we included species from three tribes: Cecidomyiini (Parkiamyia paraensis Maia, 2006 (in Maia and Fernandes, 2006) and Contarinia gemmae Maia, 2002 (in Madeira et al., 2002); Clinodiplosini (Clinodiplosis melissae Maia, 1993b and Iatrophobia braziliensis Rubsaamen, 1916); and Asphondyliini (Asphondyliina: Asphondylia fructicola Maia, 2009 (in Maia et al., 2009a); Bruggmanniella doliocarpi Maia, 2010 (in Maia et al., 2010), and Parazalepidota clusiae Maia, 2001a, Schizomyiina: Bruggmannia elongata Maia and Couri, 1993; Burseramyia braziliensis Maia and Fonseca, 2012, and Schizomyia spherica Maia and Oliveira, 2007.
This family is based on scales of the former Ni-kolivia elongata Karatajute-Talimaa, 1978 known from the Lochkovian of many localities in the Baltic countries, Russia, Spitsbergen, Britain, arctic Canada and Nevada.
Selon L'ONSSA, l'echantillonnage porte sur 36 especes de poisson debarques sur les cotes marocaines et parmi les plus consommees au Maroc, a savoir Sardina pilchardus, Scomber sp, Genypterus spp, Sardinella aurita, Engraulis specie, Pagellus acarne, Boops boops, Sarda sarda, Trisopterus minutus, Trachurus trachurus, Pollachius pollachius, Conger conger, Sparus aurata, Hypomesus pretiosus, Xiphias gladius, Grondin, Dicologoglossa cuneata, Katsuwonus pelamis, merluccius merluccius, Mugil labrosus, Umbrina canariensis, Pagellus bellottii, Orcynopsis unicolor, Raja species, Scorpaena elongata, Pomadasys incisus, Rouget, Lepidopus caudatus, Aphanopus carbo, Zeus faber, Diplodus vulgaris, Solea solea, Requins, Thunnus species, euthynnus specie et Trachinus armatus.
Las principales especies producidas en los viveros valencianos son Paulownia elongata, Paulownia fortunei, Paulownia tomentosa y los hibridos interespecificos seleccionados (Cotevisa, 2010).
The preference of heavy metal accumulation differed according to the degree of water pollution and the macroalgal species; with a particular preference of Cu, Zn and Pb by Corallina elongata, of Mn by Jania adhaerens and of Cd by Cystoseira corniculata and Dictyota dichotoma.