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It seems that the views set forth by Zhu Xi resemble Neoplatonic emanationism. One problem, however, is that too often emanationist views affirm a fundamental continuity between an undifferentiated source of being and the existence of all features of the world.
Empirical inquiries into evil are broadly compatible with these metaphysical insights in that the Science of Evil's researchers have documented diverse versions of evil-ness that we mooted as representing the output of the dark side of emanationism.
It is argued that the first group need to familiarize themselves with the emanationism that Darwin only dimly grasped; for the latter, it is argued that a suitably modified emanationism/evolution is actually their best hope for retrieving the ethos of positive psychological transformation in the context of an over-arching sense of the cosmos in which that transformation is meaningful.
The difference between the two has resulted in a variety of differing solutions to key theological questions such as Theology Proper (the existence and nature of God); immanence and transcendence; divine passion and passivity; creationism and emanationism; cosmology and anthropology; Christology and Pneumatology; incarnation and hypostatization; the temporality and eternity of God and humans; eschatology; and the like.