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Instead, he looks set to put a string of embarassing romantic comedies behind him and use his natural charisma in more testing roles.
Share your thoughts -- or embarassing stories of buttons coming off in public
It's almost embarassing to try to offer up a critique of the work of Northern Ireland jazz man David Lyttle, left, as a quick scan through his biography reveals he knows far more about music than we ever will.
If that was me, I would be trying to keep it quiet, not raking in the quick buck while embarassing my nearest and dearest.
With any luck the amount of booze consumed over the course of the day will have removed the memory of such an embarassing experience.
It might be a little bit embarassing, as I once saw also what an amount of crap your little friends can produce (actually I was shocked), but get a cat then.
SARACENS have shown no signs of a hangover after their embarassing 50-9 Grand Final semi-final defeat to title-winners Gloucester at Kingsholm last May and should be backed to beat Leicester at 4-5 in today 's Premiership fare.
Already there has been an embarassing faux pas: residents attending the meeting will be served English champagne, a product only possible thanks to global warming.
But her performance wasn't nearly as embarassing as two years ago when Liverpool duo Jemini scored "nul points".
The appointment of Mr Hester brings to an end an embarassing period for British Land.
In an embarassing volte face, Jack not only called the Young Musician of the Year personally but we also hear he's invited her to a gathering of talented young Scots later in the year.