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The confusion and embarassment was evident from the start, given that Ilieva's leaving office was first strangely motivated by an "illness," which then turned out to actually be a "pregnancy," and only recently it became apparent that Ilieva's diploma from the Berlin Technical University is actually forged.
We've spent the last year digging through our photo archives, squealing with joy (look at Phranc on her surfboard) and shaking our heads with embarassment (yup, we had that haircut, too).
We would like to apologise to Behrouz Zarandi, owner of Caspian Pizza in Smethwick, for any embarassment the report may have caused.
The case threatens to become an embarassment for Sudan amid growing international attention.
COACH Gerad Adams expressed his 'embarassment' at Cardiff Devils' unnacceptable performances over the weekend.
"This is a huge embarassment for Nick Bourne, who's been slapped down for voicing a view without the permission of his bosses in London."
McClaren (right) suffered his first embarassment as England gaffer as the Baltic minnows held out for a vital Group E point.
She watched Marcus's black face change from rage to embarassment. The children were pointing at his feet.
At times we are an embarassment to watch and unless we buy several players we are destined for years of mediocrity.
It was no longer possible to keep a lid on the EU's embarassment in the face of the deteriorating situation in the Middle East during the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 5 April.
"Sure I had days of embarassment and humiliation" he said.
Of course, a decision to dump U and its showbiz holdings would represent an enormous embarassment for Fourtou as well as open the door for Barry Diller to make some sort of killer deal to salvage the assets.