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EMIGRANT. One who quits his country for any lawful reason, with a design to settle elsewhere, and who takes his family and property, if he has any, with him. Vatt. b. 1, c. 19, Sec. 224.

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It can be noted also from Table 5 that the increased demand for capital due to the substitutability between skilled emigrants and capital could not offset the fall in the price of capital caused by the unemployment of unskilled non-migrants.
Around 946,571 workers went abroad to different countries for employment purposes during the last year while there are only seven Protectorate of Emigrants offices across the country to deal the workers from far flung areas in terms of issuance of protectors.
Another major finding is the disclosure that almost half of emigrants had full-time jobs before they left while just a quarter of those who went were unemployed.
The Minister also heaped praises on the great economic role successfully played by Lebanese emigrants in their homeland, notably with regard to investments and development projects.
Many of the major centres of emigration in Kerala are already experiencing a decline in the number of emigrants and/or emigrants per household," the study says.
Our role in providing digital and online solution is the key factor in this arrangement to facilitate and provide easy access of payment to Pakistani emigrants, as well as real time funds settlement for BEandOE, SLIC and OPF with online visibility of their funds".
The Chairman State Life Shoaib Mir said 'State Life is proudly serving the emigrants since 1982 who are the main source of foreign currency remittances.
The Bureau of Emigration has been striving hard to maximize efforts for welfare of emigrants.
Two human smugglers were arrested and are facing investigations in Kafr Al-Sheikh as they were preparing to embark a group of illegal emigrants on a voyage to Italy via the fishermen's village of Borollos, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
Certification will be issued by concerned Protector of Emigrants (PoE), if the accidental death or permanent disability happens in India.
Global Banking News-May 4, 2017--Irish diaspora minister criticises high car insurance for returning emigrants