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EMIGRANT. One who quits his country for any lawful reason, with a design to settle elsewhere, and who takes his family and property, if he has any, with him. Vatt. b. 1, c. 19, Sec. 224.

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* the Valcea county has the same descend trend for the emigrants and ascendant for the immigrants, but the difference in the number of the emigrants at the beginning and the end of the period is not that high;
According to (http://www.ftchinese.com/story/001048547) China's International Emigration Report (2012), jointly published by the Center for China & Globalization and the Beijing Institute of Technology School of Law, China is now experiencing a third wave of emigration, characterized by the emigrants' high education level and net worth.
The Minister has held talks with his Turkish counterpart to have joint patrols to speed up the deportation of illegal emigrants back to their native countries.
Despite the specific policies and social circumstances of the countries in which the emigrants (highly developed countries) live, it still plays a role of an active factor in the creating and functioning of their social milieu.
Around 4,000 emigrants have shown interest to vote at the early elections!
The Irish in Post-war Britain is based principally on a study of an impressive range of subjective primary sources, such as memoirs, oral history collections and the observations on Irish emigration and Irish emigrants made by Church and state.
Italy earned a large amount of money (the emigrants' remittances), economical advantages (the export of goods), and cultural influence (the dream of "Greater Italy") from the emigration of its population.
KIRKUK / Aswat al-Iraq: More than 5000 displaced families from other provinces to Kirkuk will participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections, the director of the emigrants and displaced peoples office said on Tuesday.
Moving beyond the view of persecution as the primary push factor and economic opportunity as the main pull factor for the nearly three million Jews who left Russia during this period, Alroey, in a constitutive act of empathy, places himself in these emigrants' situations and investigates what led them, unlike most Russian Jews, to uproot themselves and head elsewhere.
The policy, introduced in December 2003, seeks to provide insurance cover of a minimum sum of 200,000 rupees (BD1,540) payable to the nominee or legal heir in the event of death or permanent disability of any Indian emigrant who goes abroad for employment purposes after obtaining emigration clearance from the concerned Protector of Emigrants.
This isn't a big problem for her or other Yemeni emigrants' daughters, as they may finish their secondary school studies once these procedures are completed.