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EMISSION, med. jur. The act by which any matter whatever is thrown from the body; thus it is usual to say, emission of urine, emission of semen, &c.
     2. In cases of rape, when the fact of penetration is proved, it may be left to the jury whether emission did or did not take place. Proof of emission would perhaps be held to be evidence of penetration. Addis. R. 143; 2 So. Car. Const. R. 351; 2 Chitty, Crim. Law, 810; 1 Beck's Med. Jur. 140 1 Russ. C. & M. 560; 1 East, P. C. 437.

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Schommers pointed to software application development as the single largest challenge in assuring BLUETEC would meet emission requirements.
Firstly, there are two systems under which a country can sell a credit: if they are under their emission allowance, they can sell their credits or they can earn credits through hosting project-based schemes, such as joint implementation and CDM.
For example, we need to see commitments to specific details such as mandatory emission reduction measures rather than voluntary incentives for industry.
The reductions that are needed [to meet the fine particle standard and CAIR emission caps] are so large," she explained, "no plant will be spared.
target only if the projected failure of [Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Spain and perhaps Germany] to respect their targets is compensated by others making bigger emission cuts than required.
It is aimed at having those 140 or so industrialized nations of the world that signed the agreement in 1997 reduce the amount of anthropogenic carbon dioxide equivalent emissions they put in the atmosphere by about 8-10 per cent below their respective 1990 levels.
In the March 2004 issue of Scientific American, National Aeronautics and Space Administration global-warming expert James Hansen notes that greenhouse gas emissions and global-warming projections are "consistently pessimistic.
The principal worry is a little state agency in California, the Air Resources Board (ARB), which sets emissions policy for the state.
Residential emission credits help the consumer save not only money, but energy itself.