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TO EMIT. To put out; to send forth,
     2. The tenth section of the first article of the constitution, contains various prohibitions, among which is the following: No state shall emit bills of credit. To emit bills of credit is to issue paper intended to circulate through the community for its ordinary purposes, as money, which paper is redeemable at a future day. 4 Pet. R. 410, 432; Story on Const. Sec. 1358. Vide Bills of credit.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"EMIT has very ambitious business development goals and will actively seek further growth, both organically and through further acquisitions."
Benzodiazepine screening using EMIT II[R] and TDx[R]: urine hydrolysis pretreatment required.
The 112(g) rule applies to new or reconstructed emission units that have the potential to emit more than 10 tons/year of any single HAP or 25 tons/year of the combination of all HAPs.
As a result, the crystal emits a sharply monochromatic beam of gamma rays, and this, discovered in 1958, is called the Mossbauer effect.
In contrast, a 1992 vehicle, driven that same distance, emits about 100 pounds of exhaust hydrocarbons over a similar lifetime.
Our results show a linear correlation between both assays for CsA trough concentrations, with mFPIA values averaging 45% more than EMIT concentrations (mean [+ or -] 2 SD: 173.8 [+ or -] 106.1 vs 119.7 [+ or -] 78.8 [micro]g/L, respectively; Fig.
Phosphorescent atoms absorb and emit energy like fluorescent atoms.
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Cycle time improves 20-30% because the catalytic heaters emit longer infrared waves that are more readily absorbed by plastic sheet.
One is to use several LEDs that each emit a primary colour.
When excited by a light source, the electrons emit energy that corresponds to a color determined by the dot's size.
The material, an RTP Series 300 precolored polycarbonate compound, uses an edge glow color effect to emit a steady, defined line of light that serves to draw the golfer's eye to align the putter.