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The cognitive emotion theory (Ortony, Clore, & Collins, 1988) attempts to specify emotions on the basis of different evaluative dimensions.
While Shields' perspective as a psychologist is an important reference point throughout, this text prioritizes the examination of the relationship between emotion theory and gender studies above disciplinary orthodoxy.
In addition, the data were also examined to identify other, less obvious, relationships that may inform future research on associations between coping and appraisal components derived from emotion theory.
Bandes recognizes that emotion theory and research is immensely complex and that the role of emotions in behavior, including social judgments, is highly variable and context-dependent.
Observing that much interdisciplinary scholarship lacks an organized theoretical structure, Professor Little identifies the special challenges of laze and emotion studies resulting from disagreements within emotion theory itself.
6) There are many other important contributions to emotion theory in the book that build on other work by Elster in that area.
Of particular note is her use of examples, which are extraordinarily subtle and thoughtful--a quantum leap in sophistication beyond the usual "one-liners" of analytic emotion theory (e.