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Modern views on the causation of emotions begin with what is called the James-Lange theory.
Related to Emotion also and one of the most necessary elements in the higher forms of literature is Imagination, the faculty of making what is absent or unreal seem present and real, and revealing the hidden or more subtile forces of life.
Perhaps not," said Charlotte; "I can love enough to feel a great and deep interest in those who are dear to me, but I never yet have experienced such emotions, as you describe--I believe, in this particular, you have formed a just opinion of me, Mr.
The first time he sat down beside her to contemplate her silently, she said, in a voice of some emotion, after a long pause:--
Then I can consult the thing as often as I like, with no more emotion than you feel in looking at your own.
They who composed the outer circle of faces were on tiptoe to gaze; and even the culprit for an instant forgot his shame in a deeper emotion, and exposed his abject features, in order to cast an anxious and troubled glance at the dark assemblage of chiefs.
It is probable that the latent emotions of this parting hour had revived, in some degree, his bedimmed and enfeebled faculties.
She even felt, in spite of herself, an emotion of gratitude to the few who ventured to defend him.
See that you forget nothing," said Athos, appearing to look about him, that he might hide his emotion.
The girl's cheeks burned to the breeze, and she could not look into his eyes for her emotion.
Seizing the first moment of silence, Levin got up, anxious to escape, if only for an instant, from his agonizing emotion, and said that he would go and fetch his wife.
She succeeded in that, and the emotion only passed over her face like the spirit of a sob; but it added to Rosamond's impression that Mrs.