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Somewhere among the heaps of corpses, anonymous and despoiled, the Emperor Valens lay, stripped of all imperial dignity and probably unrecognized by the victorious Goths.
But when the Romanian employees in that state mistreated the Goths, Goths fought them and beat a huge Romanian army and killed the emperor Valens who led the army.
Theodosius, The Empire al Bay begins in 376 with the Tervingian Goths asking the emperor Valens to be allowed to enter the Roman Empire, and ends in 451 with the defeat of Attila the Hun.
Already as a presbyter he played an important role in soliciting the assistance of other colleagues m his struggle against the Arianizing Emperor Valens.
It is generally accepted that the Neo-Arian Bishop of Cyzicus, Eunomius, was exiled to Mauritania in 367 by the praetorian prefect of the Emperor Valens, Auxonius.
After their victory over Emperor Valens in 378 at Adrianople, the Goths eventually wound up in Italy, Gaul, and Spain.
Several centuries later the scene would be replayed outside the walls of Adrianople, where the great legions again fell to the sword, and Emperor Valens with them, at the hand of a desperate Gothic army.
The defeated Visigoths and Ostrogoths both desperately petitioned the Eastern emperor Valens to be admitted as laeti, in order to survive as independent peoples.
Son of a Vandal in the service of Emperor Valens (r.