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It follows that we are familiar with championship by means of its concepts (such as the champion, audience, etc), which carry empirical content.
Critics of the RBV have suggested that the RBV might acquire a synthetic form, one consistent with Popper's requirement that a system has empirical content, by incorporating a non-tautological definition and operationalization (Priem & Butler, 2001a, 2001b).
The Fregean now holds that the truth of your belief depends on how things are with this spy--it has clear empirical content.
If this is correct, then the result Uebel seeks immediately follows: affirmations cannot be foundational, they cannot provide the source of evidential warrant for other scientific claims, because they possess neither epistemic function nor empirical content.
Vasquez sees a research program as degenerating if (1) new theories offer no new empirical content and (2) if the program "goes through a number of theory-shifts .
If they were world-report connections, then such connections c could do the work of giving reports empirical content without invoking reliability.
I think a lot of people decide to scrap the term entirely rather than face its empirical content.
Historians looking for a synthesis of all the best regional studies that illustrates historical particularities will be disappointed and indeed will find the work somewhat flawed in empirical content at the local level.
This vagueness and lack of empirical content is characteristic of the entire volume.
However, the empirical content found in the case studies could provide scholars with additional material for further research in this rather topical subject.
The notion of analyticity should be given some empirical content.
In any case, at least some intuited modal beliefs, such as the belief that actuality entails possibility, have no evident empirical content.