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It follows that we are familiar with championship by means of its concepts (such as the champion, audience, etc), which carry empirical content.
Furthermore, to declare that 'the notion of a 'free' float is an abstraction with little empirical content, as few governments are willing to set monetary policy without some consideration of exchange-rate effects' (p.
but these "laws" have virtually zero empirical content.
10) The present section argues that the maximization hypothesis derives its empirical content from these restrictions, that economists therefore must make substantive motivational assumptions, and that they should include moral motivations in their analyses.
This attempt to overcome the dualism of nature and normativity entails articulated semantic content as the deferential authority (normative) and empirical content contributed observationally (natural).
A third thesis defends the view that Kant's transcendental logic must include the logical functions of judgment, such functions however being already imbued with empirical content (except those of modality), contributing necessarily to the possibility of a priori knowledge.