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If the premises in P must be empirical claims, and empirical claims are justified via inference from empirical observations, then the naturalist must be able to justify such an inference (BonJour 1998, 155).
Poole, and Howard Rosenthal, begins with an empirical observation: since 1975, income inequality and political polarization have risen simultaneously.
Believing that empirical observation of the poor would benefit her ethically, she nonetheless felt prey to an enervation that echoed the helplessness of her more incapacitated slum tenants.
He also brought to it a scholarly insistence on enquiry and respect for empirical observation. Among his earliest publications was a careful study of exactly who was most likely to participate in university opportunities for mature students.
All credit is due to researchers like Maxwell, Planck, Bohr, and others for their efforts in modern science, but it must be recognized that without the concept of measurement, numbers, and empirical observation, their work would not have been possible.
279) are in an odd position, given their insistence on the will of the leader ("vision") in creating the future, and on the empirical observation that bureaucracies, at least, often exhibit considerably less intelligence than the individuals who make them up.
In response, Benedict argues that Christianity relies on truths deeper than empirical observation, chief among them that life has purpose.
The strengths of this book include its grounding in the literature and empirical observation, sensitivity to the needs and concerns of adult learners, and pragmatic discussions of techniques and methods that have appeared to be successful, unsuccessful, or simply not well-received.
There are some other minor criticisms one must voice: the interpretation of Lavater's central methodological principle of Anschauung as 'intuition' (to the detriment of other possible meanings such as 'empirical observation') needs to be challenged; as do some generalizations such as the apodictic identification of alleged 'faults of the German Enlightenment' (p.
Hodgdon, which has built sea vessels since 1816, had previously relied on empirical observation, hand analysis, a handbook of shipping standards, and classical techniques for its hull designs, McClain said.
Sullum repeats the now accepted empirical observation that "insanity pleas are offered only in about 1 percent of criminal cases." He might have added that they are successful in only about 25 percent of those cases.

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